The Scenic Rim Trail is a group of guided eco-adventures exploring the diverse beauty of the Scenic Rim Region.  The trails are multi-day active experiences, with separate guided hiking and biking options available, and offer you the perfect chance to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with nature, wildlife and, most importantly, yourself. Throughout these guided experiences, you will traverse world-class trails whilst being led by knowledgeable and experienced guides. Along the way, the guides will interpret the local flora and fauna of each unique ecosystem and share the extensive local history of the region.  Accommodation on the Scenic Rim Trail, depending on which one you choose is a mix of the luxurious Spicers Retreats and purpose-built eco-cabins or tents along the trail. As with every Spicers experience, the service is attentive and relaxed, while the food is delicious and wholesome. As part of the Spicers Group, we are committed to creating eco-adventures that deliver a unique experience whilst co-existing in harmony with nature's beauty and our local surroundings.  We feel extremely fortunate to be able to run these products on this incredible land with its abundance of natural treasures – we look forward to sharing a Scenic Rim Trail experience with you.

Scenic Rim Trail 4-Day Hiking Experience

Scenic Rim Trail 4-Day Biking Experience