Summer (3 Day)

Grading: Moderate - Hard
Up to 16km km/per day
$2,985* pp

About the walk

Skip the heat, say goodbye to some of the humidity and discover one of Australia's most pristine regions this summer. With high altitude and the immense rainforest canopy, you will be delighted at the conditions for summer hiking. Each night of your epic walk will be spent in a different eco camp that exists in perfect sympathy with its natural surroundings. From the hidden treehouse style cabins of Spicers Amphitheatre, to the architectural touches of Timber Getters and the luxurious haven of Spicers Canopy. Your accommodation will be an unforgettable highlight of your adventure. At the beginning and end of each day you’ll have time to savour the gourmet dining, cradle a hot drink at dawn watching the sun rise, or sip a cool drink on the deck after a satisfying day’s hiking. In the evenings, come together in the communal lodges for some great conversation and delicious food or indulge in a quiet, peaceful moment of solitude in your own private cabin. The entire experience is elevated by our signature Spicers personal service that attends to even the smallest of details with the utmost of care and attention. Spicers Retreats is famed for its unforgettable dining experiences, and it’s no different on the Scenic Rim Trail. With a carefully crafted menu that’s designed to inspire, inspirit and energise, the food is as much of a journey as the trail you walk. From invigorating breakfasts to on-the-go lunches; from afternoon platters to rewarding evening dinners that celebrate the day’s achievements, every meal is a showcase of the high quality, refinement and creativity you’d expect of a five-star experience.  
Helpful tips & information
  • The canopy of the rainforest makes summer hiking a treat
  • A good level of fitness and stability is required
  • The trails are predominantly Grade 5 (see grading reference)
  • Communal bathrooms
Group Size
Small groups of max 12
General info
A good level of fitness and stability is required



Day 1
Grading: Moderate - Hard
Meeting Point

At 11:30am meet at our private property located at 7791 Cunningham Hwy, Clumber QLD 4309 and follow the signs along the driveway to where we will be waiting to greet you. You will park your vehicle here for the duration of your trip, alternatively this is where the transfer will bring you to and pick you up from. Undercover parking is not available and if this is a concern we can assist with arranging transfers. There is a bathroom available at our meeting point.

Once assembled the group will be transferred by bus (one hour drive) to Main Range National Park, to embark on your first day of walking.

We will provide a packed lunch for you to enjoy on the bus and your luggage will be transferred to your first night’s accommodation.

Today’s Trail

Today’s trail is approximately 8km. We set off along a former logging road before turning off onto a secret Grade 5 trail that takes us deep into the canopy of the Gondwana rainforest before entering camp.

Arrival at Spicers Amphitheatre Eco Cabins

You’ll be warmly welcomed by your host with afternoon tea and a cool beverage. Your hosts will take you up to your treehouse like cabin giving you an orientation and briefing for the incredible camp you call home for the night.

There are two wash pavilions and after a well earned shower you are welcome to make your way to the lounge to relax.


At 6:00pm we will gather for our short daily briefing in the lounge area, where you’ll be provided with all the essential need-to-know information for the next days adventure. With the formalities out of the way, you and your fellow travellers will be served a hearty and nourishing share style feast. This style of dining sparks conversation among the group and can foster the beginning of new friendships.

In your own time, retreat to your cabin where you may wish to leave the tilt door in your cabin open overnight (there is a fly screen) and enjoy the soothing sounds of the rainforest.

Sunset at the viewing deck is highly recommended
Day 2
Grading: Moderate - Hard
Morning & Breakfast

Wake for a wholesome breakfast to ready you for the incredible day ahead.

Following breakfast, you will say farewell to your lovely host and the beautiful Spicers Amphitheatre as we venture to Spicers Timber Getters.

Each cabin has a yoga mat feel free to roll it out on your private balcony or take it down to the viewing deck
Today’s Trail

Today’s walk entails Grades 3, 4 and 5 tracks and the total distance is approximately 16km. Approximately half of the hiking is on grade 5 trail and includes some rocky boulder sections that will require crouching down and going slowly, as we take care with our footing navigating barriers such as tree roots and rocks.

We start the day with a relatively flat walk, making our way up the access road and enjoying the magical sounds of the rainforest birds as we go. Our knowledgeable guides will provide you with rich details regarding the flora & fauna we see and have a keen eye for spotting stunning wildlife.

Immersed in Rainforest

As we descend into the valley we again become immersed in magnificent ancient rainforest surroundings.

The grade 5 trail provides some amazing waterfall and creek crossing experiences for hikers and the guides facilitate experiences which you can only have deep in the rainforest, such as shinrin-yoku. You’ll feel a real sense of connection with rainforest environment and being in the moment.

Shinrin-yoku absorbing the forest atmosphere
Climb to Camp

The last section of the day offers a challenging climb up to the Spicers Timber Getters where the host will be waiting to greet you with refreshments.

Architecturally, the camps are the same, but each has a unique interior and exterior finish. Formerly a loggers camp you can view the old tin shed that once housed loggers ‘Timber Getters’, and using the information shared by our guides you can picture the extreme working conditions of that era.

You will again gather in the lounge for your daily briefing ahead of dinner at 6pm, then enjoy a port or Bailey’s nightcap before turning in for a restful night sleep in the heart of the rainforest.

Day 3
Grading: Moderate - Hard
Wake for Our Final Day of Walking

The birdlife is beautiful here particularly at dawn for the early risers. Following our morning routine of breakfast, packing and gathering our gear for the day ahead, we say farewell to our host and embark on our final day of walking.

Today’s Trail

Today’s walk includes grade 3, 4 and 5 track with the total distance being approximately 16km. We start the day with a heartwarming climb up the fire trail past an old pine plantation. Once we reach the top, we again venture deep into the rainforest on a grade 5 track.

Along our journey we come across some huge rainforest trees with buttresses six feet tall.  We slow the pace down  as we all take care with our footing before emerging from the rainforest to climb up Bare Rock, which offers 360° views. On a clear day you can see the Brisbane and Gold Coast Skylines.

From here we join the public trails and will often pass fellow walkers not many of whom will ever venture where you have just been.

Bare Rock magnificent 360° views
Arrival at Camp

With your final steps taking you to Cunningham’s Gap, there will be a bus transfer waiting to take you to Spicers Canopy Luxury Tents for your final night with us.


Celebrate the journey with fellow travellers
An evening at Spicers Canopy

This night is a wonderful celebration with your fellow hikers and serves as a highlight for many travellers. You can enjoy a celebratory drink whilst watching the sunset from our plunge pool.

The final night sleep in the luxury tents brings a nice cooling breeze from the neighboring mountains, with birdlife sounds and distant cows moo’ing, you remain completely immersed in nature.

Day 4
Grading: N/A

Wake up to the sounds of birds and step out of your luxury tent into a crisp Summer morning and the marvelous sights of the Scenic Rim.

Enjoy a final hot breakfast cooked by your host before you make your way to the bus  which will depart at 9:30am and return you to your car at Clumber Shed by 10:15am.


*$2,985 per person / $5,970 twin share or $3,690 for solo walkers with a private room

Tour includes:

  • 3 days of guided hiking with experienced trail guides
  • 3 nights accommodation at off grid eco cabins
  • All meals and select beverages included alcohol
  • Luggage transferred daily so all you carry is your day pack

Please bring your own day backpack and a 2.5L water bottle or bladder. Please bring walking poles and gaiters if you prefer to use them.


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