Spicers Amphitheatre Eco Camp

Main Range National Park

Spicers Amphitheatre Eco Camp

As you walk into Spicers Amphitheatre, the sight of beautiful, modern architectural  wooden cabins come gently into view. Nestled amongst the gum trees, seemingly like treehouses, the cabins’ light wooden panels, generous windows and corrugated iron rooves work in perfect sympathy with the peaceful background of the surrounding national park.

Each cabin features a Spicers king bed, a day bed which can be used as a single bed if preferred, and a private balcony with a cavernous louvre window that opens up to the sounds and sights of the forest. Steaming hot showers and flushing toilets are found in two wash pavilions located near the cabins.

The beautiful main lodge at Amphitheatre provides a welcoming focal point for guests. The observation deck is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon drink at sunset overlooking the mountain ranges, and the elegant dining room is where guests come together to celebrate a successful days’ walking over an enticing dinner.

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Goomburra Queensland
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