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6 Day

Grading: Moderate to Hard
Up to 18kmkm/per day
$7,245* pp

About the walk

Spanning the entire length of the Scenic Rail Trail, this 6-day walk is the trip of a lifetime. No two days are the same, with breath taking scenery, diverse walking terrain, unique luxury eco accommodation and superb food and wine. The 6-day walk encompasses all of the highlights of the 4-day walk – including Mt Mistake, ancient Gondwana rainforest, 360-degree views at Bare Rock and arcing ridges near Cunningham’s Gap – and adds the irresistible southern sector of the walk featuring the heights of Mt Mathieson, the secrets of Oakey Creek and the indulgences of Spicers Peak Lodge. Our passionate, knowledgeable guides will happily share the history of the land and the stories of the outdoors with you as you go, making the walk as informative as it is enjoyable. Plus, over the course of the six days you’ll have ample opportunity to relax with a drink in hand, savour a spectacular meal, connect with others in great conversation or simply find a moment breathe in the peace. Your accommodation is a journey in itself and will be an unforgettable highlight of your adventure. For the first 4 nights you will experience the unique and comforting amenities of Mt Mistake Farmhouse, Spicers Amphitheatre, Spicers Timber Getters and Spicers Hidden Peaks. On the following nights, you’ll discover true glamping at Spicers Canopy luxury tents and the pure indulgences of Spicers Peak Lodge. The Spicers Scenic Rim 6-day walk has quickly become an iconic Australian experience. It has cemented its place in the pantheon of Australia’s greatest walks and is a must-do for any discerning walker.
Helpful tips & information
  • Approx. 80km over 6-days
  • You need a high level of fitness & stability
  • Luggage is transferred daily
  • Tour departs from Spicers Hidden Vale
  • This dedicated 6-day tour has limited departures
  • Alternatively you can combine the 2-day & 4-day walks
  • The trails are Grade 4 & 5 (see grading reference)
  • There are shared bathroom facilities at some camps
Group Size
Small groups of max 12
General info
A good level of fitness and stability is required


Trail info


Day 1
Grading: Moderate to hard
Spicers Hidden Vale to Spicers Mt Mistake

Meet your guides and fellow walkers at 7.45am at Spicers Hidden Vale located at 617 Grandchester Mount Mort Road Grandchester.

Once you have arrived please make your way to reception with your luggage where your guides will be waiting to greet you.

If you would like the ease of staying the night prior at Spicers Balfour in Brisbane or Spicers Hidden Vale we can certainly assist with making a reservation.

If you are self driving, upon arrival take the lower entrance onto the unsealed road and park along the wooden fence. Undercover parking is not available, if this is a concern we can assist in arranging transfers.

Heli transfer On your final morning you will be transferred by heli back to Spicers Hidden Vale arriving between 11.30am - 12.30pm

Once the group has assembled we will depart in our 4WD bus to the start of the trail (40 min drive). There is a bathroom at the start of the trail if required. From here your luggage will be transferred up the mountain as you embark on your first day of walking.

Today’s Trail

Today’s trail is approx. 12km on Grade 4 & 5 trails. Trails will be long, rough, and steep in sections. We use the natural rock to navigate some sections with your guides safely leading the way.

An adventurous day that sees you climb up the Mistake Mountain Range with a 600m ascent. The ecosystem is dry sclerophyll forest with incredible views afforded throughout the day.

A highlight is the 16m rock ladder, which you’ll be safely harnessed to. If you have a grave fear of heights or any concerns there is a walk around trail.

Birds of prey The edge of the escarpment is a favourite for birds of prey including the Wedge Tailed Eagle
Arrive at Camp

You will arrive into Spicers Mt Mistake at approx. 3.30pm welcomed with a cool drink, afternoon tea and a great sense of achievement. From here the afternoon is at your leisure.

The daily briefing where your guides will provide you with key information for the next day including communicating breakfast and departure times. Please note that timings may change depending on weather and conditions.

Dinner Share style dinner will be served at 6pm, before relaxing by the indoor or outdoor fire
Day 2
Grading: Moderate
Spicers Mt Mistake to Spicers Amphitheatre

Breakfast is served at 7am with tea and coffee available earlier. Note: breakfast times may vary depending on the time of year and conditions. After breakfast you will pack your luggage and make your final preparations for the day. Your guides will provide you with your lunches & show you where to refill your water bottles.

Recommendation If the sky is clear watching the sunrise is highly recommended at Spicers Mount Mistake

8am walk out of camp saying farewell to your hosts who will transfer your luggage to the next camp.

Today’s Trail

Today’s trail is approximately 18km largely on a Grade 3 trail – Formed track, some obstacles. With some short steep hills, with the final hour of the day spent on a Grade 5 trail unformed track. The terrain is rough, unmarked and stunning.

We start the day with a climb before entering World Heritage Listed Gondwana Rainforest. This will be your first encounter of this natural wonder and a taste of what’s to come. Emerging from the rainforest we join a former logging road. In the final section of the day we step deep into the rainforest on a private Grade 5 trail that takes us into camp.

Arrive at Camp

Arrive into camp greeted by your friendly host with afternoon tea and a cool beverage. Your host and guides will take you up to your treehouse like cabin giving you an orientation and briefing for the incredible camp you find yourself in.

There are two communal wash pavilions and after a well earned shower you are welcome to make your way to the lounge to relax. Sunset at the viewing deck is highly recommended with dinner being served at 6pm.

Suggestion You may wish to leave the tilt door in your cabin open overnight and enjoy the sounds of the forest
Day 3
Grading: Moderate
Spicers Amphitheatre to Spicers Timber Getters

Each cabin has a yoga mat so feel free to roll it out on your private balcony or take it down to the viewing deck and enjoy some morning relaxation before breakfast.

Following our morning routine of breakfast, packing and getting organised we say farewell to our host and start the day.

Today’s Trail

Today’s walk entails Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 track. The total distance is approx. 16km. We start the day with a relatively flat warm up as we make our way up the access road enjoying the sounds of the rainforest birds as we go. This initial track can sometimes get muddy so we may have to skirt our way around some puddles as we make our way past.

As we descend into the valley we become enveloped by rainforest. Approximately half of today is on Grade 5 trail with our guides leading the way on the unmarked trails. We ascend down some rocky boulder sections that will require us to crouch down and go slowly. The pace is slower as we take care with our footing, navigating the tree roots and rocky sections.

Arrive at Camp

The last section of the day offers a climb up to camp where your hosts will be waiting to welcome you to Spicers Timber Getters Eco Cabins. Architecturally the camps are the same however each has a unique interior and exterior.

Formally a loggers camp you can view the old tin shed that once housed loggers ‘timber getters’ of the era. Gather in the lounge for your daily briefing ahead of dinner at 6pm.

Suggestion Enjoy a port or Bailey's after dinner before turning in for a restful night sleep
Day 4
Grading: Moderate
Spicers Timber Getters to Spicers Hidden Peaks Cabins

The birdlife is particularly beautiful at dawn for the early risers. Following our morning routine of breakfast, packing and gathering our gear for the day, we say farewell to our host at 8am and start our day.

Today’s Trail

Today’s walk entails Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 trail and is approx. 16km. We start the day with a heartwarming climb up the fire trail past an old pine plantation. Once at the top we once again head deep into the rainforest on Grade 5 track. We come across some huge rainforest trees with buttresses five feet tall.

Once again the pace is slower as we all take care with our footing navigating the tree roots and rocky sections. Emerging from deep in the rainforest we scramble over Bare Rock offering 360 degree views on a clear day.

From here we join commonly used public trail often passing fellow walkers, not many of whom will ever venture where you have just been. In the final section of the trail the modern world comes into earshot as we hear trucks carrying goods from the coast to the west.

A vehicle will be waiting for you at the end of the trail ready to transfer you to Spicers Hidden Peaks.

Arrive at Camp

The drive is approximately 15 minutes to camp where you will be greeted and shown to your handcrafted log cabin, each with your own en-suite.

After you have rested and settled into camp meet around the fire pit to share stories and your favourite memories from the trip so far followed by dinner in the lodge.

Day 5
Grading: Moderate
Spicers Hidden Peaks Cabins to Spicers Canopy Eco Camp

Following the same morning routine of 7am breakfast and 8am departure you will be transferred by vehicle to resume the trail (20 min drive).

Today’s Trail

Today is a 12km walk that takes you over the range and into Spicers Canopy. Enjoy beautiful views of the mountains as you traverse the range. The first half of the day includes a 480m ascent offering great views of the escarpment to the north.

The trails walked today are Grade 3 and Grade 4 with some rough and steep sections. Depending on weather and trail conditions we have a selection of alternative routes that may be walked on this day. The distance and difficulty is the roughly the same for all options.

Arrive at Camp

We arrive at Spicers Canopy for afternoon tea. After a well earned shower spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in your glamping style tent or enjoy a soak in the outdoor hot tub, a beautiful spot for sunset.

Dinner will be served in the lodge at 6pm.

Highlight Enjoy some fireside chatting after dinner or head outside and marvel at the stars if the night is clear
Day 6
Grading: Hard
Spicers Canopy to Spicers Peak Lodge

If the weather is clear we highly recommend getting up early and watching the sun rise over the mountains. Following the morning program we will walk out of camp at 8am for our final day of hiking. If at this point you are in need of a break you can opt to relax at camp and be transferred to Spicers Peak Lodge later in the day.

Today’s Trail

Walking out of camp we cross through the farm fields before descending into Oakey Creek with it’s morning sunlight glittering through the trees.

We follow the creek before starting our ascent up the ridge line, keeping our eyes & ears peeled for the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo that is known to frequent this particular area.

Using a combination of trails and farm roads to reach a remote section of the Main Range National Park we put our fitness to the test as we climb higher along the ridge and over rocky outcrops before resting for lunch where we are afforded stunning views of the valley below.


Note: This trail may be closed from time to time due to trail conditions and weather. If this the case you will walk a loop track and be transferred by vehicle to Spicers Peak Lodge. 
Returning to camp

Afternoon tea will be enjoyed on the trail before returning to Spicers Canopy.

Dinner will be at 6.30pm with tales from the days adventure being shared around the table.

Day 7
Grading: N/A
Day Seven & Eight at Spicers Peak Lodge

Enjoy a relaxing morning with breakfast available from 7.30am. Sunrise and sunsets are always a highlight at Peak Lodge if you want to wake up a little earlier to catch it.

We highly recommend booking an appointment (or two) for the Spa Anise Day Spa.

Spicers Peak Lodge has a variety of experiences should you wish to add a little more to your week away. Alternatively you can sit by the fire in the lodge reading a book.

Highlight On a clear day, sunrise and sunset are spectacular
Today’s suggestions

Some of our favourite activities include whiskey appreciation, 4WD tour and star gazing. Activities do change daily so it is best to plan ahead.

If you would like to experience any of the activities on offer at Spicers Peak Lodge we recommend booking in advance and our reservations team will gladly assist with any arrangements. The poolside spa is a great place to enjoy a bottle of bubbles and watch the sunset.

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch and dinner will be held in the lodge and you can choose to dine as a group or on your own. The Peak Restaurant is renowned for it’s delicious food with Chef Dean Alsford creating inspiring dining experiences in the most unique setting.

Day 8
Grading: N/A
Morning at Leisure

Enjoy a another delightful breakfast and a morning at leisure before the helicopter arrives at 11am. There will be two trips with one group going first and the other following soon after.

Flying time is approximately 20 minutes and both groups should arrive by 12pm, give or take the time it takes to load and unload the heli.


  • Inclusions shown are for the dedicated 6-day tour
  • 7 nights accommodation
    • 5 nights staying at unique eco-camps
    • 2 nights at Spicers Peak Lodge
  • 6 days (80km) of guided hiking
  • All meals select beverages including alcohol
  • One-way scenic helicopter transfer on your final morning

*Prices shown are per person twin share. The price show is a ‘from’ rate and is subject to change without notice.


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