Spicers Timber Getters Eco Camp

Main Range National Park

Spicers Timber Getters Eco Camp

Located on the site of a former logging campsite, this off-grid luxury camp pays subtle homage to its history and calmly celebrates its natural environment. Guests are immersed in the forest and will feel as much a part of the place as the local flora and fauna. The hillside location offers generous views across the Dalrymple Creek Valley.

The cabins feature vivid charred exterior wood panelling, providing a dramatic contrast to the surrounding dark green Xanthorrhoea trees. Each cabin has a Spicers king bed, a day bed which can be used as a single bed if preferred, and a private balcony with a cavernous louvre window that opens up to the sounds and sights of the forest. Steaming hot showers and flushing toilets are found in two wash pavilions located near the cabins.

The aesthetic celebration of timber continues in the stunning dining room, where guests come together to enjoy a stunning chef-prepared dinner at night, and an energising breakfast in the morning.

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Goomburra Queensland
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