Rock wallaby views
Terrifying ladder climb
Fab vista awaits

First time autumn walk
Travelling with friends of old
Fills the heart with joy

Giant stinging tree
Needles of venom in wait
Walk past if you dare

Trap door set in place
Architectural spider
On the mossy floor

Dappled light through trees
Red cedar, hoop pine, devine
Cascade falls sublime

Coochin valley tale
Brave warrior named Butcha
Forever watching

Fallen forest logs
Golden curtain crust fungi
Joyous orange pops

Lyre bird mimics
Whip bird pair’s call and response
Rain forest chorus

Ancient sentinel
Grandmother tree stands watchful
Protecting all life

Complex and diverse
Inspired by the rainforest
Strangers become friends

Written by our talented and inspired guests on their 4-day walk.