By encouraging our guests to better understand and experience our environmental heritage, we hope that you too will feel encouraged to be proactive about preserving Queensland’s natural assets.

Spicers’ objective is to create retreats and walking products that not only deliver a unique sense of relaxed luxury but that also exist alongside and in harmony with nature’s beauty and our local surroundings.

Our non-urban properties support bio-diversity and sustainability. We have kept 90% of our landholdings as farmland and have chosen not to develop on that land. Our freehold land is managed considerately to create a balance of ecotourism experiences, livestock production and nature conservation.

Spicers Canopy is an Advanced Ecotourism accredited site, which is totally self-sufficient and uses organic and locally grown produce. The site runs on solar power and uses filtered rainwater from our large storage tanks. It is a fantastic example of Spicers’ commitment to sustainable luxury tourism and to the maintenance and even improvement of the land on which our retreats and walks are operated.